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Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Hotlist




Blue Crab Glossary

You can look here to find vocabulary you need to understand crabs.

National Aquarium:  The Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab  

Visit this site to find out what the National Aquarium has discovered about the Chesapeake Bay blue crab.

Crab Facts

What does the Maryland Department of Natural Resources want you to know about blue crabs?

Life Cycle of a Crab

See how a crab changes from egg to adulthood.

Habitats of the Blue Crab

Check here to find out where crabs may be in the Bay.

Who Are the Crabbers?

Look at this site to see people who catch crabs for work or play.

How Can You Catch a Crab?


Check out different methods to catch crabs.

How to Identify Crabs

This site will help you tell what kind of crab you’ve found.

Picking Maryland Crabs

Crab-eating advice from the experts.

Where Do Crabs Go in the Winter?

Find out where to find Chesapeake Bay blue crabs at different times of the year.

The Maryland State Crustacean

Check here to find out why the blue crab is the Maryland State Crustacean






Created by Anne M. Baldini

Classroom Teacher, Grade 4

Brooke Grove Elementary

Montgomery County Public Schools